Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just a little note to say hello and all is well. Just taking a long needed break from the computer and busy with Bobby's school and all. Well, talk a little later! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

(insert witty title here) LOL...

Hello All!!
First I want to apologize for my rant the other day. I'm over it by now...oh, I'm talking about the neighbor "situation". Not stressing it anymore at all.

Anywyas, I want to let you know that school for Bobby went great! He didn't cry, I didn't cry, and he seemed to want to be there. My husband and I walked to Barnes and Nobles, after dropping him off, to pass time. It was nice to be with the hubby in Barnes and Nobles because he doesn't find joy in it like I do. 20 minutes there is more than enough for him but, he stomached it for me and made the best of it. I love his silly self. We sat and talked about the day and our future plans (big changes with his job, etc.) from 9-12:30 pm and he even grabbed a book later on (Weird NJ) and sat there reading it for the rest of the time there (dare I say that by Saturday I was actually tired of Barnes? I was there 4 times between Wed. and Sat.) Anyways, I need to figure this Barnes thing out since I will be spending alone time there twice a week while he's in class. I don't know if Bobby and I will still make the Friday trip, or maybe go on Saturdays so that he could get his fill in for the week since now he asks to go.

Anyways, when we went to pick Bobby up we found him sitting on the Circle time rug with the rest of the kids, exchanging taps on the knee with another boy. Apparently when I asked him later what he was doing he said him and the boy were Dinosaurs? LOL. Anyways, he did have an accident and my husband noticed it right away when he saw him in blue sweatpants I had left there (just in case). He loved school. There, we even get a written progress report everyday that tells us what he participated in, how much he ate, and anything special he did. The teacher wrote that he did great at lacing cards, which surprised me, because I've never shown him how to, so I was happy. I asked him about his day and he gave me bits and pieces of info...more like " didn' roar like a play golf..." Funny:) So it went great. My only issue was that whatever he didn't eat at lunch was thrown away.

Now, it wouldn't have been an issue if he ate most of his lunch but in the progress report it said he ate 1/2 of his sandwich and some of his dessert (his homemade cookies). My husband and I were a little bothered about it because we don't believe in wasting food like that. We got his lunchbox back empty which means the teacher threw it all away! His cheese cube, craisins, the other 1/2 of the sandwich, and the rest of his chocolate chip cookies! Waste chocolate?! Are you out of your mind?! LOL!! No the next day I asked that she leave whatever he didn't eat, there so that he can eat the rest on the way home. She seemed a bit unsure about it but then said ok since I pick him up shortly after they eat lunch. I'm assuming that they are worried about bugs but if it's in an airtight container (which it is), they have a refrigerator for parents to keep their child's perishable lunches in, and I pick him up right away I don't know why it could be such a problem . Anyways, on that second day of school when I picked him up, I was like "are you sure it won't be a problem?" because I didn't want to be a nuisance. I didn't want to be one of "those parents." Believe me, I was a teacher for children his age years before so I knew how not to act. Anywyas, she told me not to worry since I was picking him up right after lunch. Hmmm, so I guess I have to revisit this issue when he stays longer days in the future? Uhh...I guess times changed because about 4 years ago, when I taught nursery school, that kind of stuff wasn't an issue and the kids' lunches weren't refrigerated there. If they didn't finish their lunch, you'd repack it with their ice pack so that they can take the rest home and and let the parents decide what to do with it. Goodness, am I sounding nit- picky? I really hope not. I just thought it sends the wrong message about food to kids.

Anyways, she did compliment me on his cool lunch compartment box. It has a side to store the sandwich and then, on the other side, there's a closed compartment for separate snacks/dessert. Both sides flip up to close into a square lunch box. I picked it out since we have to label each and every food article so I thought this made it easier. Anyways, she also thought the note I left for Bobby was cute. I left a post it note that said we loved him (I stamped a heart on it so that he would know I left it for him since he loves to "find" hearts in books and such).

Anyways, I hope all the mothers out there are having good experiences with their children starting school, especially the moms with small children going for the first time. Well, I hope I'm not being "too nit-picky" where my son's concerned. Do you think I am? Am I already becoming paranoid with things out there that can affect my child? LOL. Anyways, talk to you later!

Oh...and can I tell you my husband actually sat down with me last night and did his first scrapbook layout? How sexy of him!! He promised me he would when he complained he was bored so, around 10 pm, he joined me and did a cute page of Bobby and I using photo booth pics. He actually had it in mind to use them! So cute...I'm so lucky. He might do it again because he said it was fun but "knew" his would never look as good as my layouts. I disagreed and told him anyone can scrap and that what counts is what he says on the page, not only on how it looks. I hope he really does it again. Hopefully as a date night like I mentioned:) Only drawback is that after showing him where all my supplies were, he was like "You have so much stuff! I don't know why you still feel like you want more" Rats! Anyways, it was sooo cute to see him creating a page! See if you guys can get your hubby to do at least 1 page. You'll definately see him in a different light. I did...and let's just say I thanked him for it. LOL...

Friday, September 01, 2006

So I usual:)

Ok so today is Barnes and Nobles day so as soon as my cutie wakes up, we're heading out. I would like to say, since we've been back from our Florida vacation, my cutie Bobby has been sleeping in his own room! has been potty trained! and is alot more verbal now! Can't believe how much he's grown from one week to the next! My husband and I truly believe that when we vacation as a family, it makes him grow as a person alot more. We think it's because of the fresh air and mainly, because we are together and he relishes the time he spends with his Mommy and Daddy when we are all together for a long period of time. Now, all he needs is to adjust to the whole school thing.

My hubby took the whole week off (doesn't know when he'll be able to take any time off from now until January, since his job is relocating) so he will be there for the first 2 days of Bobby going to school. I need to be strong for my cutie...don't want him to be nervous or upset so I won't do any crying with him there...hope I don't cry at all actually but, everyone's betting on it. My husband thinks I will too so that's another reason he feels he should be there, along with the fact that it's his first day in school. I'm so happy that he didn't get on a waitlist (there was one but we tentatively changed from 3 half days to 2 just so he would get in) and I'm happy for him to be going to school but just as someone said, "I'm happy to see her venture into the world for the first time, but sad that I can't take this first step with her."
Anyways, I'm also thinking about how strange it'll be not to be with him 24/7. Yeah, it's only 8 hours but, 8 hours a week is alot when you've barely ever been away from your child. Uhhh...I hope all goes well. I told my husband that I never worried about if I'd be a great mom. I knew. I always loved children and all. But, right after he was born, I actually panicked that the world might not treat him right, more than anything. The fear subsided for a while because he was always in my care. I knew what his slightest mannersims were. I knew what a sound translated to. I knew his habits and his likes and dislikes. The world out there (sorry to say) could care less. At least for the most part. Well, now the panic is starting to set in a little. I told my husband about it and he made me promise not to "shelter" him. Not to shield him from life. To let him know what people say is not always the truth and that what people do will not always be in his best interest, but that no matter what, he's special to us and God and he must carry on. I just worry the world will cause him to lose his free spirit. His joy and laughter. His genuine wonder of the world around him.

Ok....aside from what I was just saying, I just got a ring at my door and go to answer it right? This lady starts ranting and raving about my son making too much noise! What?! My son just woke up 2 mintues prior to her coming up here complaining! So she proceeds on complaining about the amount of noise he makes day in and day out. She has complained before but to be honest with you, my son is a regular 3 yo but a bit mild-mannered. He does occassionaly run through the house but enough for her to come up here and complain? Can I just say she was freakin' out of her mind? We live in a nice area...a bit remote in a condo complex and when people play music in their home (unless they have their windows open) you can barely hear it. You do hear the occassional thump or the teens outside my door in the breezeway running after eachother but my son? Making noise to the point she and her roommate can't sleep? I told her I never got a complaint before them and that there's more noise going on when the other neighbors kids are running in the breezeway and she was like..."i'm not the other people who lived here before and it bothers me. The other noisese don't concern me because it's not right above me." I'm sorry but 1) He is not going wild in the house 2) I made mention that she had music blasting last night and her "excuse" was because she was drowning out the noise he was making (ummm? how can you sleep with music blasting vs. a "supposed" 3 yo "running" into the living room, which is situated in the front of the house? 3) he was running around at 2 am? He sleeps at 11:30 the absolute latest! and 4) If you intend on living in one of these apartments that have 1-2 walls in common with other residences, where there are tons of families living, expect some sort of noise. Freakin pissed me off becuase I've never heard anyone complain about the next door neighbors' kids clamoring up and down the stairs at 10 pm at night but she had the nerve to come complain about my son? Freakin 3 years old? How much noise can he make...he's always been complimented as a quiet and good-mannered boy! And then she said that sometimes around 2 am she can hear him running? Maybe she's confusing us with the people next to us who seem to do "jumping jacks" into the night?! I literally have dishes in my dining room shaking throughout the night and sometimes the mirror resting against the wall on my dresser even smacks the wall because they slam things ...maybe it's them? I don't know but I know, having lived in apartments all my adult life, that noises happen. You don't see me complaining about my next door neighbor! Maybe she just doesn't know better? Honestly, she pissed me off. The attitude she had, "well I'm not the other neighbors" "well, I could care less what noise they make" "I can't get a good night sleep because of him" " Well, apparently you have no consideration for your neighbors" WHAT! For my neighbors? My 3 yo son is the least of her worries. He's active but not to the point that one needs to complain! He does occasionally run to his room or into the living room to hop on the sofa but give me a break! Do I need to stop living for them. It's not anything that drastic. Do I need to keep yelling at him to sit b/c of "the people downstairs?" Whatever! SHe ended the convo telling me that since I didn't have consideration for her that she would have to call the police!!! The police?! and management!! HUH?! Are you serious. So me being pissed I said "go ahead" and shut the door on her as she walked away raising her voice about BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... What is the cop going to do? All they can tell us to do is quiet down...and at that, I'll open the door to show them my son, sitting on the sofa watching tv or playing with his toy cars..."Does he seem to be someone capable of causing the raucous they're complaining about?" Give me a break!!! If you want to be in total silence, buy a house or move into a condo complex that don't cater to alot of families....otherwise you're bound to hear something....even if it's a 3 yo playing with his cars.

Alright...anyways, I'm sorry for my ranting but I had to let it out somewhere and considering it happened while I was blogging:(...Oh, but just so you know, I hate confrontations! This whole episode got me all rattled. I hate arguing and I'm bad at it but I will always get my side out there. I'm not gonna let her ruin my day. But, like I've always said, if you are messing with my family, or my way of living, I will be forced to a lioness over her cubs, I will have to fight..or argue as in this case. Anyways, today is Barnes day so let me go...It's still gonna be a good day... until then:)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm back!

Came back from Florida on July 24th to find my comp's motherboard was ruined from an electrical storm while we were I lost alot of files. Apparently the surge protector we had could only do so much. Anyways, my dear hubby got a deal on a new motherboard vs. buying a new computer so as of this past Friday, he installed it and yes!!! Success. I would also like to say that yes, I wasn't in a rush to get back onto the computer...I took it as a sign that God was helping me with my Computer Addiction lol and no comp also meant one less bill. Unfortunately, my husband was hell-bent on getting it fixed so my Computer withdrawal lasted for about 2 weeks. I actually had to entertain myself by reading or drawing or listening to the radio every day...which was a good thing. Living without technology can be real humbling and can make you appreciate life...something I realized after we came back from Florida. See, while in Florida I think I watched tv maybe 3 times for maybe 1 hour at a time. When we weren't we were OUT. Out on th town...doing things. Having computer, no tv and I actually didn't miss it a bit so, when we came back and the comp was broken, I chose to keep myself busy by going without. Figured I could since we did in Florida. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Actually, no. It's gonna last so you might not hear from me everyday. I'm gonna try to stay away from the tv and computer as long as I could.
Oh, and on other news....

Bobby's enrolled into school...daycare! He'll be going for 2 days a week for half days....yeah, I know, he'll be away from me for only 8 total hours a week but this is the beginning of a life of him growing up without needing me as much. But, luckily Barnes and Nobles is just a walk away so you know where I'll be till he gets out at 1pm...yup, waiting nearby, just in case:)
:( My baby is growing to fast:(

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Florida vacation...

Ok...bad blogger but that's a bit of a good sign to means I've been busy. Anyways, just touching base to say I will be away to Florida come tomorrow. I won't be back til the following Monday night so...hoping to get to Disney and have a good time with Bobby seeing the characters, going to the beach and picking shells for projects when I get home, taking pics of our whole week there, keeping a travel journal with sketches and entries in it to embellish with pictures and memoribila when I get back.... I'm also hoping to go see a Cirque Du Soleil show there too. My parents will be there the Friday before we come back but at least we have Friday- Monday to spend with them before we leave. We had fun last year with them there but unfortunately my mom decided to take off the week AFTER we'd be there so we miss them by a a couple of days. Oh well, Friday-Monday still gives us time to go to the beach:) Last year I got beautiful pics at the beach of all of us, especially my son and his Grandpa, but this year he's more active, vocal, and attached to my parents so hopefully I'll get some really nice pics again of their time together. Well, just dropping by...will talk to you when I get back...ciao for now! :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Summers for me...

Been a bad blogger. Just thought I'd touch base. Went to Barnes on Friday and fell in love with the book "Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay" by Sue Heaser. So excited because I've been into polymer clay and this is right up my alley because I love small things. Although it was out of my budget to buy since we're saving $$ for Florida, I had to have it and luckily it was on sale for 1/2 the original price! WOOHOO! Anyways, we're going to Florida on the 16th and it just dawned on me how quickly this summer is flying by. Just the other day I was looking forward to LAs VEgas. Florida was a distant plan. Uhhh... :(

I remember there was a time when Summer went by slowly and you made the most of every day. I always wish for those long lazy summer days everytime summer rolls around. I guess it has alot to do with the fact that we got up early, got dressed and headed outside with hopes of a new day...of making new friends...of new adventures. Every summer we made new friends and had new adventures. Something to look forward to.

I remember the summers with my cousin Sally from Brooklyn, NY (who usually spent the summer with us). We'd (my sister, Sally, and I) get up and go to work doing inventory at a clothing store then be let out when we were done. We'd get home, do our chores and get ready for my parents to come home and eat dinner. Once the kitchen was cleaned up afterwards, we'd head out to our front steps. Our childhood home's situated on the corner of an intersection so we got pretty good traffic flow and we'd watch the cars roll by or stop at the red light with their systems blasting...sometimes catching their attention. Usually by nightfall, some of our friends would come by and we'd hang out. The "friends" were actually guys we met earlier in June at the Portuguese parade in Newark or simply by sitting at our doorstep. I LOVED those summers. I still say you know it's summer in Elizabeth when you hear the ice cream truck's music down the street and music blasting from cars. Memorial day kicks off summer in the states but to us, it kicked off the day we had the Portuguese Day Parade on Ferry Street in Newark, NJ. Portuguese Day Parade is when we saw all our family in the mad rush of people "cruising" the blocked off streets. We'd see family, watch people our age dance and/or battle at sectioned off areas with club music, eat a shish-kabob or two with Portuguese bread, and get the attention of the boys. Yes, that was always the case. Everyone trying to look their best. We loved going to the parade. From that day on, it was summer to us. Looking forward to meeting new people, hanging out with them, scheming ways to hang out with them despite my strict parents and their curfew LOL, walking to the local 7 Eleven for a slushie or Carvel for ice cream during nice breezy summer nights....and this seems so long ago to me:( despite the fact that it was only about 7-8 years ago. Oh, okay, maybe it was long ago LOL.

Now we all have gone our separate ways and have different responsibilites. I got married, moved away, had a son, and stay home. My sister now works in the city and spends her free time with her friends down the shore, and my cousin now lives in Queens, NY expecting her 2nd child this September. The days of ice cream trucks coming down the street are long passed and since I live in the Princeton area, there are no cars blasting music around here. I highly believe it'd be looked down on if you did. No more guys to meet....I'm married...he's enough a guy for me. What I wish was back, was my willingness to get up early and even having something to look forward to. The days roll by so fast. Me doing the same thing over and over again. I haven't really ventured off and made new friends here neither so....when I had a job, I had an outlet. I had friends to talk to about different things. Now, if my husband can stomach another day of me talking about rubber stamps, I'm grateful. At least I have him to talk to.

Anyways, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I will get out of my current slump. I usually do. I usually bounce back from BLAH days. I think this mood's attributed to the rainy weather so once the sun is out I'll be back to my happy self. Anyways, I do live in a really nice area, I have Barnes and Nobles nearby, I have the bus stopping right outside our condo community, I have my husband, my son. Alot more than some can say. I guess what I'm saying is, that summer is what you make of it. If I got up early, had a plan to go somewhere like the beach with my son, ate al fresco on our balcony like I used (and like she does, whom I would just love to have as a friend), plant my herb garden again, go out for ice cream and a night walk, set my table with a theme every night like I used to.....then it would be Summer for me again....I guess it's never too late to start...well, unless it's Labor Day weekend LOL...
Well, I guess I'll go does start with me getting off this computer too...LOL..BYE for now

PS Audrey, in case you're reading this, I haven't forgotten about your kindness. A RAK will be headed your way soon!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A challenge...

I saw this challenge on someone else's blog and decided to take it also:

I am: a mom, a wife, the oldest daughter, a big sister, a procrastinator, a free-spirit, an artsit, sometimes "beotchy", a party-er, social, always trying to live by the Four Agreements principles.
I want: to travel to Italy one day, to make my husband and son happy, my son to know he's a gift to us and the world, to keep doing art, to open some sort of boutique in an artsy part of town
I have: the greatest little family, a great, silly, supportive, and strong, angel of a husband, a nice place to call home, trust in God and his plan for my little family, the urge to be known for my artwork, great respect for my elders and the values I was raised with
I wish: that all those i know will have a healthy life, to have another child soon, that Bobby will have a long and happy life with confidence and to jump hurdles effortlessly that those around him will throw at him, for my hubby and I to live a long, healthy, and happy life together, that one day everyone I know will remember me as a kind, big-hearted, silly, happy, caring, supportive person, a great wife, friend and mommy.
I hate: negative people, obnoxious self-centered people who put you down to put themselves up, bad drivers, parents strapping their children incorrectly in the car, adults who should know better
I miss: rollerblading down the sidewalk, my summers with my sisters and cousins, going out to the club then to the diner with my sister and friends every week, the spontaneity I had when I didn't have so many responsiblities, sitting quietly for hours and just drawing on our kitchen table without worrying about what others thought, seeing my parents and sisters everyday like we did when we were growing up in the same house, family parties where we saw everyone and kept in touch, combing my Vozinha's hair and her laughing at me when I spoke with her in broken Portuguese
I hear: the televison in the background, my son playing with his Power Rangers, and my typing
I wonder: if I'll ever have another child, if my husband will ever stop worrying, if I'll ever see the glimmer in his eyes he once had before his Daddy died, if my parents will be okay and healthy for a long time, how it'll be to pass by my childhood home once they move to Florida, when my sisters will both get married and have children for Bobby to play with and be close with.
I regret: not majoring in art...nothing else really...not anymore
I am not: always happy-go-lucky, a doer..more of a thinker, always content in my place in this world, a church-goer anymore though I believe in God,
I dance: funny with my son when we hear a jingle, when I go to to clubs, to feel free
I sing: when I wash the dishes, "Amazing Grace" when I feel sick to take the pain away, commercial jingles with my son, so that my son can dance his cute arm-flapping dances,"Cause I can't make you Love Me" in the car because I don't have a radio and it's one song I can sing my heart out to that I know all the words to
I cry: when I am frustrated with the way someone has/is treating me badly, when I see others cry even if I don't know why they're crying, when I think about my parents moving out of our childhood home and going so far away, when I watch The Notebook movie, when I think about my husband or me dying as I listen to James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover," when something moves me like a song, something someone says, the displays I see in Anthropologie (LOL)
I am not always: the greatest wife, the greatest in calling people back, sweet and shy like people like to think, positive, good when it comes to taking my son out to play, looking good
I make with my hands: the bed, lunch, snack and dinner, scrapbook layouts, sketches, cards, lists out to whazoo about anything possible
I need: a push, a hug sometimes, a compliment from my hubby every day, a good laugh every day, my hubby, my son and his funny self, their kisses, to feel free, to make art, to travel, to write, to read and listen to poetry, a time for myself without diaper bags, guilt or to-do lists spinning in my head, time with my "girlfriends," a way to make money for the household without losing time from being with Bobby
I should: stop getting on the comp so often, cook dinner regularly, get my house in order like it used to be, decorate my house with the passion I used to have, try to spend less $$, clean the house more thoroughly, start planning for the future (ie. insurance, buying a house, a college fund for Bobby, his schooling, possible guardians for Bobby, a will etc.) fix my license situation, stop harping on my husband about how much time he spends at work, hug him more and jump his bones more often (LOL...I'm sure he agrees)
I start: the day with high hopes of getting things done, arguments with the hubby sometimes, cleaning my son's room then get discouraged and shut the door on the mess (he barely spends time in there since he still sleeps with us)
I finish: my husband's sentences sometimes, what I start when it comes to art, conversations with the hubby on the phone with "I LOVE YOU" and the day off with a good-night kiss and "I Love You" to my son Bobby